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DI Demineralizer Water Filtration Media

DI Deionizing Media in bags, 1 cubic foot, FM-DI-1
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Weight: 44 lb

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EagleSorb DI Demineralizing Media is designed for commercial and industrial applications that use water with low to very low mineral content. Deionized water is type of water that has mineral ions removed, such as sodium, calcium, iron, copper, chloride and several others. The process works when water flows through electrically charged deionizing resin media bed. Because most of the impurities are removed, resulting water is very pure, however it isn't recommended for drinking purposes.
Deionized water has a number of applications, most of them scientific and industrial. Examples of applications of DI water:
  • Microbiology experiments as medium
  • Lead-acid batteries used in modern vehicles
  • Removing scale for car washes
  • Steam irons operated by dry cleaners
  • An additive to many pharmaceutical and cosmetic products because of low chemical reactivity
  • Manufacturing of semiconductors and medical devices

How DI Demineralizing works:

Deionized water is obtained by exposure to an electrically charged deionizing resin media bed that attracts and binds to the salts and other ions, removing them from the water.


Type:EagleSorb DI Demineralizing media for water treatment systems
Quantity:1 cubic foot
Quantity per 1 cubic ft.:44 lbs
Weight:44 lbs

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