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Bacteria Water Test Coliform

Bacteria Water Test for Coliform by Water Works, IT-TK-21
Brand: ITS
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Water Works Bacteria Water Test detects presence of Coliform and E.Coli Bacteria in water. Ideal for service technicians and home owners, Bacteria Check uses a standard presence / absence growth media to give results in only 48 hours with no incubation required.

WaterWorks™ Bacteria Water Test Kit for water quality testing is the ideal solution when testing for total coliform bacteria and E.coli in drinking water.
Sensitivity: Tests presence / absence of coliform bacteria, based on a 100cc sample. Presence / absence of E.coli bacteria.
Total Test Time: 48 Hours at room temperature 77°F / 20°C (68°F to 82°F), or 24 hours incubation at 95°F / 35°C 
Number of Tests: 1
Designed to measure the US EPA standard of 1 colony per 100mL of water, EZ Coliform Bacteria Water Test is the safe, affordable way to determine the need for bacteria treatment.

How To Use EZ Coliform Cult Bacteria Water Test Kit

Simply fill the sterile bottle with your water sample, cap, and leave in an unobtrusive, room temperature location.
To test for Coliform:
Media will turn clear yellow if coliform is not present (negative), or blue-green if coliform present (positive)

WaterWorks Bacteria Check Test

To test for E.Coli:
Shine UV light (approximately 365mm) from the bottom of the sample (avoid looking directly at the light).
No fluorescence = negative for E.Coli
Blue fluorescence = positive for E.Coli
Presence of E.coli can also be confirmed using Kovacs Indole Reagent (which has to be refrigerated, one of many other names is "Kovac's Aldehyde reagent"). The UV Light and Kovacs Indole Reagent are not inclided with this test.
WaterWorks EZ Coliform Cult (X-GAL / MUG ) water test has replaced older WaterWorks Bacteria Check Test kit. WaterWorks bacteria check test kit (see picture on the right) is no longer available.
A comparison study performed by an outside laboratory in April, 2008 concluded the ITS EZtm Coliform Cult was “equally effective as the Readycult® system in the simultaneous detection of Total Coliform and Escherichia-coli at the concentration of 10 CFU/100mls.
WaterWorks EZ Coliform Cult Bacteria Test Kit is EPA Compliant.
Follows the APHA, Standard Methods, 20th Edition, 9221 D, screen test for total coliform in potable water
Manufacturer's product number: 487197, 487197-1
Shelf life: approx. 1 year

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