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DPD-1 Free Chlorine Strips

DPD-1 Free Chlorine Test 100 strips, IT-TK-20
Brand: ITS
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Dimensions: 4"x1.5"x1.5"
Weight: 0.2 lb

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Made in USA

A package of 100 eXact® DPD-1 Chlorine Test Strips use a more convenient delivery system for DPD tests. The strips can be used in any DPD-1 Chlorine test photometer, such as eXact® Chlorine Photometer. Just remove package, dip a strip for 20 seconds into a water sample, and take a reading from your chlorine meter. All reagents are precisely measured and conveniently placed onto a test strip.
With DPD-1 chlorine test strips, there's no more tablets to crush, powders to spill, glass to break or bulky dispensers.

How to Use DPD-1 Chlorine Test Strips

1. Dip one test strip into a 10 ml water sample of for twenty (20) seconds, with constant back and forth motion that maximizes water flow through an indicator pad.
2. Remove and strip.
3. Immediately read the results on your chlorine meter.
eXact DPD-1 Chlorine test strips are compatible with a wide range of existing chlorine meters from manufacturers such as Hach®, LaMotte®, Orion®, WTW®, Hanna and other colorimeters that are using 10 mil cell.

USEPA accepted for reporting water and wastewater analyses*

* Procedure is equivalent to USEPA method 330.5 for wastewater and Standard Method 4500-Cl G for drinking water when used with Palintest Chlorometer 1000 or equivalent.

Contains 100 packets.
Manufacturer's product number: 484101

eXact DPD-1 Strip Hach instructions (image) 0.14 MB

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