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KX Matrikx 10-2 Carbon Filter

KX Matrikx +10 /2 Carbon Filter 10-250-190-975 , KXM-06
Brand: KX Matrikx
Price: $9.99

Dimensions: 10x2.5
Weight: 1 lb

Currently not available

NSF Certified

Discontinued product, use KX Matrikx CTO Carbon Filter instead. KX Matrikx +10 /2 carbon block filter # 10-250-190-975 is one of the most common carbon filters on the market. Cartridge fits most standard 10"x2.5" filter housings. NSF Standard 42 certified for materials only. Also known in the industry as "The Only Choice".

KX Matrikx 10/2 Carbon Filter 10-250-190-975 Features:

The KX Matrikx +10/2 extruded activated carbon block filter part number 10-250-190-975 is a good filter to use for point-of-use ( POU ) and reverse osmosis systems. Filter can replace GAC (granular activated carbon) or PAC (powdered activated carbon) water filters, and in some applications even surpasses their performance. Also provides a dirt holding capacity, and >99.5% reduction of particles larger than 10 micron in size.
KX Matrikx 10/2 filters provides >98% average chlorine taste and odor reduction past 6000 gallons at 1 gallon per minute water flow. Unlike GAC / PAC filters, there's no channeling, fluidizing or release of carbon particles.
KX Matrikx +10/2 carbon filter is manufactured from high purity acid washed activated carbon. It is ideal for use in residential and commercial water purification systems, food service, and as pre- and post- filter in Reverse Osmosis systems.

KX Matrikx 10/2 Carbon Filter Properties

  • Filter Size: 9.5" x 2 7/8"
  • Nominal Size: 10" x 2.5"
  • Chlorine reduction capacity: greater than 6,000 @ 1 GPM
  • Micron Rating: 3 micron nominal, 10 micron absolute
  • Maximum operating temperature: 125° F
  • Maxium operating pressure: 250 psig
  • No release of carbon fines

  • KX Matrikx +10 /2 Carbon Block Cartridge Features

    The KX MATRIKX +10/2 WATER FILTER is Tested and Certified by NSF International under NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for material requirements only.

    Manufacturer's Product Number: 10-250-190-975 , KX Matrikx 10250190975

    Replacement Filter Can be Used in the Following Systems and Housings:
    Culligan HF-360, HF360, or Everpure, Costguard CG5-10 with EV9108-15 filter cartridge. Kinetico compatible water filter. Can be used in place of Omnipure AFCTO carbon block filter. Also fits other filter housings that take a standard size 10"x2.5" cartridge. You may also use Pentek EP-10 for similar performance.
    KX Matrikx 10/2 Filter should be changed every 3 to 6 months.
    Please note that this product has been discontinued by manufacturer. Limited quantities are available while supplies last. Recommended replacement: KXMatrikx CTO/2 32-250-125-975 carbon filter.
    KX Matrikx 10/2 Filter Manual (pdf) 1.17 MB

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