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NTL Radiological Water Test Deluxe

Radiological Water Test Deluxe by NTL Lab, NTL-RAD
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Brand: NTL Labs
Price: $425.00

Dimensions: 8x5x5
Weight: 2 lb

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Made in USA

NTL Labs Deluxe Radiological Water Test by National Testing Laboratories will test for radon in drinking water. It is designed to test drinking water for Uranium, Gross Alpha & Beta, Radon, as well as Radium 226 and 228. Uranium is present in most soils and is radioactive, as well as radium. Alpha particles are also regulated by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).
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The purchase includes the test kit, the laboratory analysis and the lab water quality report. You are responsible for shipment and shipping cost of the water kit to NTL Labs. Tests take about 7 business days.

Laboratory Radiological Water Test - Why?

Uranium is a naturally occurring element that is considered mildly radioactive. Uranium is present in most soils at a couple of parts per million, but can be much higher in certain rock formations. Uranium is known to cause problems with kidney toxicity and potentially some forms of cancer. The EPA has established a maximum contaminant level (MCL) of 30 ppb (parts per billion). Well water owners may like to reduce uranium, radon and radium, if present.

The EPA doesn't regulate radon in water. Gross alpha particles emit radiation due to unstable atoms and include isotopes such as uranium 238, radium 226, radon 222 and thorium 232. The EPA has established an MCL of 15 Piccocuries (pCi) per liter for gross alpha. Naturally occurring isotopes radium 226 is the most common in wells, with the others being radium 228, radium 224 and radium 223.
If you are performing testing to meet a regulatory requirement or if your results may be used for litigation purposes, please contact us for more information about testing packages designed for those purposes.

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