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Thunder 2000M RO+UF System

Thunder 2000M Reverse Osmosis and UltraFiltration Undersink System, CQE-RO-00110

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Brand: Crystal Quest
SKU: CQE-RO-00110
List Price: $379.00
Our Price: $327.00


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Dimensions: 21"x8"x16" + 15"x11"D tank
Weight: 35 lb

Ships in 2-3 days

Filter cartridge(s) included

NSF Certified Components
Made in USA
Thunder 2000M Reverse Osmosis system is an upgrade to Thunder 2000C RO system with an addition of an Ultrafiltration membrane for storage tank to prevent bacteria growth. Choose between 50, 75 or 100 GPD (gallons per day) reverse osmosis membranes (higher number means more gallons of filtered water produced per day).
GPD = Gallons Per Day
50, 75 or 100 GPD (gallons per day) reverse osmosis membranes (higher number means more gallons of filtered water produced per day).
Water travels through 15 stages of filtration. The last cartridge is a 6-stage inline cartridge instead of inline carbon like in Thunder 1000C.
When to replace cartridges:
RO membrane: 2-3 years
Multi-Stage cartridges and Ultrafiltration membrane (UF): 1-2 years
Carbon block cartridge: 6-9 months
Thunder 2000-M Reverse Osmosis and Ultrafiltration Under Sink System.

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Thunder 2000M Reverse Osmosis and UltraFiltration Undersink System