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Rhino Whole House Water Filter

Rhino EQ-300 Whole House Water Filter by Aquasana, EQ-300
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Brand: Aquasana
SKU: EQ-300
List Price: $1,099.00

As Low As $31 Per Month details

Dimensions: 45"x25"x9"
Weight: 54 lb

Currently not available

Filter cartridge(s) included.

Made in USA

The Rhino EQ-300 Whole house Water Filtration System is the ultimate home appliance! Rhino is available with Factory Direct savings! Healthy water throughout the entire household for about 50¢ a day!

Drink, shower, bathe, LIVE in pure, healthy water!

Whole house filter schema

Rhino EQ-300 installed
UL Certified

Aquasana Rhino EQ-300 water filter is UL-certified! This deluxe, high capacity system has the highest "certified" capacity of any Whole House Water Filtration System in America! Previously only available through Plumbing Contractors and Home Builders, priced at $1,595 or more. Now you can buy "Factory Direct" at big savings!

4 stage filtration process supplies better than bottled water quality throughout the entire household for only pennies a day.

  • Stage 1 is a 5-micron sediment prefilter that uses replaceable cartridges to remove any particles larger than 5 micron. By removing sediment from water, this filter will also significantly prolong the life of the main filter unit.
  • Stage 2 uses a patentent zinc/copper mineral media (KDF) that filters out chlorine
  • Stage 3 enhances taste and clarity with bituminous activated carbon (charcoal), which is one of the most widely used and recognized technologies for water filtration
  • Stage 4 uses high-grade coconut shell carbon, that provides very large contaminant absorbtion capacity
  • Aquasana Rhino EQ300 comes complete with main filter unit, pre-filter, installation kit, shut-off valve and required hardware. The Rhino requires only 45" of vertical clearance and has a diameter of 9" at the base. Typical installation is 1-2 hours by a licensed plumber, $125.00 to $225.00, and is usually done in your basement, garage, or hot water heater closet. Rhino can also be placed outside in regions where temperatures don't drop below -10°F.

    The main filter unit is easily replaced, no plumber needed, every 3 years (see EQ-300R unit replacement in Catalog), that's under $240.00 a year to have clean, healthy water flowing from every outlet in your home.

    It's the most valuable and beneficial home appliance you can own!

    EQ-300 Whole House Filter specifications

  • Flow rate: 8 gpm (gallons per minute)
  • Filtration Capacity: 300,000 gallons certified capacity
  • No backflushes and no wasted water
  • 4-stage filtration process
  • Manufacturer-backed, 90-day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 99% UL-certified chlorine reduction capacity
  • 3/4" IN/OUT water line diameter, 1" is available upon request
  • Good for homes up to 3200 sq.feet*

  • * If your house is much larger than 3200 sq.ft., or a water line is larger than 1", you have two options available:
    1) you can purchase 2 Rhino units and install them in parallel, or
    2) you may need a larger whole house, or a commercial water filter

    Aquasana Rhino Water Filter EQ-300 documents

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