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Countertop Water Filter With Three Cartridges

Crytsal Quest Triple Countertop Water Filter, 8-stage, CQE-CT-00109

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Brand: Crystal Quest
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Dimensions: 15x14x4
Weight: 9 lb.

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Filter cartridge(s) included

Made in USA

Product SKU Description Price Order
CT-109 PLUS CQE-CT-00109 Filters 10,000 gallons $129.00
CT-110 ULTRA CQE-CT-00110 Filters 20,000 gallons $149.00
CT-111 ULTIMATE CQE-CT-00111 Filters 30,000 gallons $169.00

Countertop Water Filter With Three Cartridges by Crystal Quest is a 3-cartridge filter system with 8 stages of filtration. First, water travels through a sediment filter cartridge that removes sediment, silt, sand and dirt. Also extends the life of succeeding water filters. Next is the standard multi-stage filter which contains a combination of Granulated Activated Carbon(GAC) and Eagle Redox Alloy media that increases the systems' effectivity in removing hundreds of other contaminants from your tap water. Lastly, a solid carbon(Coconut Shell) cartridge for removing volatile organic carbon compounds (VOC's, insecticides, pesticides and industrial solvents). It simultaneously removes chlorine taste and odor while providing the particulate filtration and dirt-holding capacity of an efficient 5µm nominal sediment filter. This filtration setup is an excellent choice if your water has large presence of particulates or dirt. Counter-top water filter systems installs in seconds and sits on the countertop for to get pure and healthy water on demand for your family. Feel the convenience of having filtered and unfiltered water in one easy switch.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • 8 stage filtration.
  • Sediment pre-filter to remove water particulates.
  • Multi-stage plus Carbon Block filters for cleaner water.
  • Sits on the counter and easily connects to any kitchen faucet.(Counter Top Filter Installation Instructions)
  • Comes with a diverter valve, switches between filtered and unfiltered water.
  • Quick and easy to use, stylish and convenient.

Q: Can I use this system on well water or water that has bacteria , cryptosporydium, giardia or similar?
A: You can modify this system to take care of these issues. Carbon Block cartridge (third filter) in this system can be replaced with 0.2 micron Ultrafiltration Membrane (see below, sold separately) to make water biologically safe and to remove bacteria , viruses and parasites. If you modify it, we recommend the following order of cartridges: Sediment filter, Ultrafiltration membrane, 6-stage cartridge.

Triple 8 Stage

Filter Configurations:

SKU Filtration Capacity Filter Life
CT-109-PLUS [CQE-CT-00109] *(CQ-RC-PL-10, CQE-RC-04002) 10,000 gallons 1-3 years
CT-110-ULTRA [CQE-CT-00110] *(CQ-RC-UL-10, CQE-RC-04003) 20,000 gallons 2-4 years
CT-111- ULTIMATE[CQE-CT-00111] *(CQ-RC-UM-10, CQE-RC-04004) 30,000 gallons 3-5 years

Manufacturer ID: CQE-CT-00109, CQE-CT-00110, CQE-CT-00111
Dimensions: 15"L x 13"H x 5"W
Capacity: (Refer to configuration above)
Operating Temperature(°F): 40°F - 90°F
Operating Pressure(PSI): 20 psi - 60 psi
Design Flow Rate(Gallons per Minute. gpm): 0.5 gpm
Micron Rating: 5 (Carbon Block and Sediment)
Filter Life(months): 6-12 months(Carbon Block and Sediment)
End Caps: Polypropylene #5
Inner/Outer Wraps: Polyolefin
Netting: Food Grade High-density Polyethylene
Gaskets: Buna-N

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