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Crystal Quest Water Filters

Crystal Quest® is a US manufacturer with more than 30 years of industry expertise to provide you with high capasity, effective, healthiest and great-tasting water. Crystal Quest Water Filters are of excellent quality, high filtration capacity, and come with a US-based manufacturer's warranty. Crystal Quest is ISO 9001 certified manufacturer.

CE certificate
ISO-9001 certified manufacturer
CRYSTAL QUEST products have been recommended by several books and doctors:
  • "Child Health Guide Book - Holistic Pediatrics For Parents" by Dr. Randall Neustaedter, second edition 2007
  • Dr. Mehmet Oz, a frequent guest on the Oprah show. Recently Dr. Oz conducted an interview with Gary Ginsberg, co-author of "What's Toxic, What's Not."
  • "The Drinking Water Book - How to Eliminate Harmful Toxins From Your Water" by Colin Ingram, second edition 2006.
Crystal Quest uses NSF-certified components and a variety of NSF certified filtration media in building its filtration systems. Crystal Quest Whole House Filters, Water Softeners and Well Water Filters are built with Structural Fibers Poly Glassâ„¢ and high grade stainless steel pressure tanks which carry a 10-year warranty. Structural tanks meet or exceed ISO, AMSE and NSF standards.

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Water Filter Housing Cap

Water Filter Housing Sump
SKU: CQE-PT-03079
Our Price: $22.00
20'' Whole House Water Filter Cartridge

20" Whole House Water Filter Cartridge
SKU: CQE-RC-04016
Our Price: $151.00
Free shipping in Continetal USA
20'' Carbon Block Water Filter Cartridge

20" Carbon Block Cartridge
Our Price: $25.50
High-Flow Water Filter Replacement Cartridge 10''x5''

High-Flow Replacement Cartridge 10x5
Our Price: $155.00
Free shipping in Continetal USA
Pleated Sediment Filter Cartridge CP5BB 10''x5''

5 Micron Sediment Filter 10x5
SKU: CQ-R14-10x5
Our Price: $19.00
Carbon Block Water Filter Cartridge 10x5 CBC-10BB

10"x5" Carbon Block Cartridge
SKU: CQ-R5-10x5
Our Price: $19.00
High-Flow Water Filter Replacement Cartridge 20''x5''

High-Flow Replacement Cartridge 20"
SKU: CQ-RC-PL-20x5
Our Price: $235.00
Free shipping in Continetal USA
Pleated Sediment Filter Cartridge 5-micron 20 inch

High Flow Sediment Filter Cartridge 20"
SKU: CQ-R14-20x5
Our Price: $34.50
20'x5' Carbon Block Water Filter CBC-20BB

20"x5" Carbon Block Cartridge
SKU: CQ-R5-20x5
Our Price: $34.50
Inline Sediment Filter Cartridge

Inline Sediment Cartridge
SKU: CQE-RC-04037
Our Price: $28.99
Inline GAC Cartridge for Water Coolers and RO

Inline GAC Cartridge
SKU: CQE-RC-04038
Our Price: $28.99
UF Ultrafiltration Membrane 10 inches

10" UF Membrane Filter Cartridge
Our Price: $39.50
UF Membrane filter cartridge

20" UF Membrane Filter
Our Price: $64.50
Inline Arsenic Removal Filter CQE-RC-04062

Inline Arsenic Removal Cartridge
SKU: CQE-RC-04062
Our Price: $57.00
Inline Fluoride Removal Filter CQE-RC-04060

Inline Fluoride Removal Cartridge
SKU: CQE-RC-04060
Our Price: $57.00
Multistage Cartridge for RO and Bottleless Coolers

Inline Multistage Cartridge
SKU: CQE-RC-04040
Our Price: $54.99
Inline Nitrate Removal Filter for RO and Coolers

Inline Nitrate Removal Cartridge
SKU: CQE-RC-04061
Our Price: $57.00
Inline Ultrafiltration Membrane UF

Inline Ultrafiltration Membrane
SKU: CQE-RC-04039
Our Price: $42.99
Turbo Water Cooler Multistage Cartridge

Turbo Countertop Cooler Cartridge
SKU: CQE-RC-04057
Our Price: $27.00
UF Ultrafiltration Membrane Capsule

UF Membrane Capsule
SKU: CQE-RC-04059
Our Price: $20.50
Reverse Osmosis Membrane TFC / TFM 50 GDP

Reverse Osmosis Membrane
SKU: CQE-RC-04041
Our Price: $59.99
Inline GAC + KDF Water Filter Cartridge

Inline GAC + KDF Cartridge
SKU: CQE-RC-04044
Our Price: $36.50
Inline Scale Reduction Water Filter 1/4 QC

Inline Scale Reduction Cartridge
Our Price: $33.00
Natural alkalizer/ionizer, mineralizer cartridge

Natural alkalizer/ionizer, mineralizer cartridge
SKU: CQ-RC-04054
Our Price: $49.00
GAC Cartridge for Reverse Osmosis water filters

Reverse Osmosis GAC Cartridge
SKU: CQE-RC-04042
Our Price: $16.50
Sediment Cartridge for Reverse Osmosis water filters

Reverse Osmosis Sediment Cartridge
SKU: CQE-RC-04043
Our Price: $16.50

Leak Detection, Flood Prevention Valve
SKU: CQE-PT-03060
Our Price: $59.00

Ozonator Water Sterilizer
SKU: CQE-OZ-00101
Our Price: $59.00

Paper Cups
SKU: CQE-PT-03061
Our Price: $14.95

Cup Holder
SKU: CQE-PT-03059
Our Price: $29.00

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