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Rainshower Water Filters

Manufacturer Image: Rainshower
Rainshower is a pioneer of shower filter industry. They produce high-quality, 100% carbon-free shower filters, chlorine-removing bath balls and garden water filters. Products are distributed under Rainshower and Rainshow'r brands.
Rainshower filters are proudly made in The U.S.A!

Rainshower Shower Filter with Shower Head chromed or massaging

Rainshowr shower filter CQ-1000 with Shower Head
SKU: CQ-1000-DS
Price: $54.00
Rainshower New Century Shower Filter NC-1000

New Century Shower Filter with Bernoulli Shower Head
SKU: NC-1000
Sale Price: $51.00
Rainshow'r Shower Filter CQ-1000 Dechlorinating

Rainshower Shower Filter CQ-1000NH
SKU: CQ-1000NH
Price: $41.00
Crystal Bath Ball, Bath Chlorine Removal Ball BATH-3000

Crystal Bath Ball Dechlorynator
SKU: BATH-3000
Sale Price: $36.00
Garden Water Filter System, Rainshower GG-2012

Gard'n Grow Garden Water Filter System
SKU: GG2012
Price: $68.00
Prefiltration Filter for Gard'n Gro garden water filter

Prefiltration Filter for GardnGro Garden System
Price: $49.00
Rainshower RCCQ-A Shower Replacement Cartridge

Replacement Cartridge for CQ-1000 Shower Filter
Price: $25.00
Rainshower RCCQ-PC Clear Replacement Cartridge

Replacement Cartridge for CQ-1000 Shower Filter, Clear
Price: $26.00
Rainshow'r Bath Ball Replacement Bag RB-3000

Rainshowr Bath Ball Replacement Bag
SKU: RB-3000
Price: $27.00
Rainshower garden replacement Cartridge RCGG

Replacement Cartridge for Gard n Grow Filter
Price: $45.00
Rainshower PFG relpacement Screen for sediment

Prefilter Screen for GardnGro
Price: $9.00