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Water Filter Cartridges, Replacement Filters

Water Filter Replacement Cartridges for home, whole house, commercial and industrial applications. We carry a number of "filter inserts" that are known in the industry as "cartridges". Filter Cartridges below are separated by size and application. Products are listed in the following order: 10"x2.5" filters, shower replacement cartridges, 20"x2.5" filters, 10"x5" (10x4.5) filters, 20"x5" (20x4.5) filters, inline and other sizes. Please browse our catalog or use Search function if you know model number.
How to identify which replacement cartridge you need?
Look for Brand and Model number written on your system. Also, look for any filter models that can be written on each individual housing for systems that use more than one filter. You may be able to identify cartridges by system model. If you are unable to get any product numbers, remove each cartridge (or at least one) from its housing. For round cylinder filters, measure width and diameter, it should give an indication whether your filter is of standard size. For instance, a 10"x2.5" standard filter may measure 9 7/8" x 2 1/4" (and up to 3" in diameter). Standard sizes are 10x2.5, 20x2.5, 10x5 (10x4.5) and 20x5 (20x4.5) inches (first number is length, second diameter). 

This category contains the following subcategories:     Sediment Filters    Carbon Filters

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DOW Filmtec RO Membrane 770 GPDDOW Filmtec Low Energy RO Membrane 770 GPD
DOW Filmtec Extra Low Energy commercial Reverse Osmosis membrane, 2.5" x 40". The Dow Filmtec XLE-2540 reverse osmosis membrane elements operate at very low applied pressure.
The new XLE series elements replaces older Dow Filmtec TW30LE...

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Our Price: $260.00
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Rhino EQ-300R Main Unit ReplacementRhino EQ-300R main unit
SKU: EQ-300R
Main unit replacement for the Rhino EQ-300 whole house water filtration system. High capacity 3 years or 300,000 gallons whole house filter replacement EQ-300R.
This high-capacity, dual chamber unit should be replaced every 3 years or after...

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Our Price: $799.99
Sale Price: $639.99
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Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge For AQ-4100Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge For AQ-4100
SKU: AQ-4125
Aquasana deluxe 2-stage Shower Filter replacement cartridge (one), for award-winning 2-stage Aquasana AQ-4100 shower filter. Lasts 6 months, removes chlorine and VOCs, enhances pH balance and provides the highest quality shower...

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Our Price: $52.50 

Pre-filter Cartridges for the Rhino Whole House FilterPre-filter Cartridges for the Rhino EQ-300
SKU: EQ-304
EQ-300 sediment pre-filter cartridge 4-pack, for use with Rhino Whole House Filter System, or any other system that uses standard 10"x2.5" 5-micron sediment cartridges. Sediment pre-filter cartridges should be replaced every 3-6 months.
Our Price: $19.95
Sale Price: $15.96

Aquasana Drinking Filter Replacement Cartridges for AQ-4000Drinking Filter Replacement Kit for AQ-4000
SKU: AQ-4035
Aquasana AQ-4035 replacement filter cartridges for AQ-4000 Drinking Water Filter System Twin Filter Replacement Cartridges,“A” & “B” replacement O-rings also included. NSF-certified.
AQ-4035 Replacement Filter Set will...

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Our Price: $59.99 

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