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Water Ionizers Alkaline Water

Water ionizers use a process that is different from standard mechanical or chemical water filtration. Along with regular water filters, ionizers rely on a process of electrolysis, or ionization. This allowes water ionizers to produce water of higher (and some machines - of lower) pH levels, even much higher than normal "neutral" pH levels of 7 to 7.5 (not to confuse with a pH of skin, which is 5).
Water ionizers, with original technology developed in Russia, come from Asia, specifially from Japan and Korea. Most of its benefits are from drinking higher pH, or alkalized water. The research behind it is astounding, but only 10% of it gets translated into English. Today, more than 1 million ionizers is sold in Japan alone per year. All ionizers we sell bear a U.S. UL approval, and a US NSF approval. All water ionizers come with a 5 (five) year manufacturer warranty.

Jupiter Melody JP 104 Water IonizerJupiter Melody JP 104
SKU: JP-104
Jupiter Melody JP 104 water ionizer, also called Alkalizing Water Purifier. Point-of-Use counter-top unit, connects to tap via diverter valve, or directly to cold water pipe.

Jupiter Melody Water Ionizer features:

  • Hot water and low pressure...

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  • Our Price: $1,695.00 

    Jupiter VenusWater Ionizers JP107AJupiter Venus JP107A
    SKU: JP107A
    Jupiter Venus JP-107A Water Ionizer
    Water connection: tap

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    Our Price: $1,295.00 

    Jupiter Biostone Filter
    Biostone Plus Filter for Jupiter Aquarius, Orion, Melody, Microlite, Mavello and UltraTechnos Water Ionizers. Filter contains layers of Tourmaline and...

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    Our Price: $89.95 

    Under Sink Install Kit for Jupiter IonizersUnder Sink Install Kit for Jupiter Ionizers
    This under sink installation kit allows Jupiter Melody water ionizers to be installed below kitchen counter. Includes faucets for above the counter installation that come in chrome or brushed nickel. This kit cannot be replaced with regular undercounter water filter...

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    Our Price: $199.00 

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    Water Ionizers Alkaline Water