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Countertop Water Filters, Countertop Water Filter System

Countertop Water Filters with quick and easy installation - see countertop filter installation. Filters come with replaceable cartridge, and maintenance-free (without cartridge). Replaceable cartridges typically last 6 months to 1 year, and maintenance-free filters between 1 and 3 years. We carry a variety of replaceable cartridge filters, and several maintenance-free models such as Crystal Quest CQE-CT-00100 and Clean and Pure G6 (at the bottom of the page). These water filtration systems are commonly placed on a Counter Top near a kitchen sink, and are connected directly to a kitchen faucet to give you a great tasting filtered water.
A two cartridge countertop system is usually better than a single cartridge, and a triple is better than a dual. This is because by adding cartridges we can separate different filtration technologies into its own cartridges, which improves performance. And we can also target particular contaminants (such as arsenic, nitrates or fluoride) with a contaminant-specific cartridges.

Faucet Diverter Adapter for Countertop Filters Diverter Valve for Countertop Filter
SKU: CQE-PT-03001
Diverter Valve for Countertop Filters. A standard diverter switch that will give you a quick option to choose between filtered and unfiltered water right on your faucet. These adapters are also called Read more
Price: $19.95
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Sediment Washable Prefiltration Filter Sediment Washable Prefiltration Filter
SKU: CQE-CT-00143
Sediment Washable Prefiltration Filter by Crystal Quest is specially designed for use with any kind of water system with an unusually large amount of sediment that can clog up the water filter. This pre-filter helps remove the...

Read more
Price: $18.95
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