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Water Filter Manufacturers

Water Filter Brands and Manufacturers

Water Filter Brands faucet Below you can find a table of various water filter manufacturers, and also information on where you can purchase filters for each brand. You will find several large and medium size companies that manufacture water filters, and many small companies. It is quite typical that small companies go out of business or get acquired. Sometimes it is difficult to find a replacement cartridge for a specific manufacturer or brand.

Water filter manufacturers listed below are all reliable companies that have been in business for at least 10 years. We offer several water filtration product lines made by these in our online store:
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BrandManufacturerDistributionWhere to buy
AmwayAmway Inc.multi-level 
Aqua-PureCuno, Inc.factory-direct, dealer 
AquasanaSun Water Systems, online»Buy Aquasana filters 
BritaThe Brita Products Companyretail 
British BerkfeldBritish Berkfeldretail 
Crystal QuestCrystal Questbuy online»Buy Crystal Quest filters 
CulliganCulligan Internationalretail 
GE, Osmonics, DesalGEbuy online»Buy GE, Osmonics, Desal filters 
Hydrotech, AquafierHydrotechnology, Inc.retail 
KX MatrikxKX Industriesbuy online»Buy KX Matrikx filters 
Multi-PureMultiPure Inc.multi-level 
OmnipureOmnipurebuy online»Buy Omnipure filters 
ParagonParagon Water Systemsbuy online»Buy Paragon filters 
PentekPentairbuy online»Buy Pentek filters 
PURRecovery Engineering, Inc.retail 
RainshowerRainshow'rbuy online»Buy Rainshower filters 
Seagul IVGeneral Ecologyretail 
VertexVertex Water Productsretail 
Watts PremierWattsfactory-direct 


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