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Home Humidifiers

Winter - as well as summer in some states - brings dry air into the continental U.S. Excess dryness has long been linked to health problems, such as:

  • dry nose
  • asthmatic-like breathing
  • cold symptoms
  • dry skin and lips
  • skin and eyes itchinness
Lower humidity can also lead to cracks in furniture and can damage musical instruments. It is best that you room - especially bedroom, and rooms you spend most of your day in - have at least 30% humidity level. 40%-50% humidity level is ideal for your health.

There are many types of humidifiers on the market. The most commonly known are warm mist humidifiers and cool mist humidifiers.

Most low-cost humidifiers work all the same - they blow air through a moist surface. Although advertised as a better units, typically they are only capable of dealing with very small rooms. You can put one in the cubicle at work. Warm mist humidifiers are in our opinion better in most cases.

Advantages of cool mist humidifiers

  • Easier to clean
  • Cool mist feels more comfortable in warm climate

Disadvantages of cool mist humidifiers

  • Slightly noisier than warm mist humidifiers
  • Can sometimes feel clammy
  • Some need filter replacement

Advantages of warm mist humidifiers

  • Quieter than cool mist humidifiers
  • Warm mist feels more comfortable in colder climate
  • Mist is very clean, because steam is distilled water
  • Warm mist makes room several degrees warmer in winter
  • Can quickly humidify larger rooms
  • Some models: warm mist passes through ultraviolet bulb for extra germ protection

Disadvantages of warm mist humidifiers

  • Frequent cleaning may be required, cleaning is harder than cool mist humidifiers
  • Can often hear a boiling sound when humidifier is on high setting
  • Some models: filter pads need changing

How to choose humidifier size

Here's a very rough estimate on how to choose humidifier size:

  • Rooms under 120 sq. feet - a 2.5-gallon or less tank will be sufficient
  • Rooms between 120 and 400 sq. feet - choose a 3-gallon to 4-gallon humidifier
  • Rooms between 400 and 1000 sq. feet, or open areas without doors, hallways - choose units with dual reservoirs, or 4+ gallon tanks.


  • Proceed to The Water Filter Store
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  • Choose a warm mist humidifier
  • Choose a cool mist humidifier
  • A good way to filter whole house humidifier is with a hot water housing that uses a sediment hot water filter.

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