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Water Pollution
Water pollution has many sources and characteristics. Humans and other organisms produce bodily wastes which enter rivers, lakes, oceans, and other surface waters; in high concentrations these wastes result in bacterial contamination and excessive nutrient loading. Industries discharge a variety of toxic compounds and heavy metals.
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Well Water and Ground Water Contamination
A particular area of concern for many people is groundwater contamination. Groundwater is usually defined as water that lies below the surface of the land. Some common sources of groundwater contamination include improper disposal of wastes, faulty septic tanks, landfills, pesticides and fertilizers.
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Water Contaminants
Water contaminants enter the water supply through multiple sources, both natural and human-produced. The most typical sources of surface water contamination are Natural Sources, Agriculture, Atmospheric Deposition, Industrial and Construction, Sewer Overflows, Landfills and more
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The Effects of Water Pollution
One afternoon in 1991, my next door neighbor and I packed up our five children for an afternoon at the lake – and embarked on a nightmare that lasted nearly a month and brought the effects of water pollution uncomfortably close to home. What we didn’t know on that sunny afternoon at the lake was that a thunderstorm the night before had triggered an overflow of our city’s old sewer system, washing untreated waste into the water of the nearby reservoir, and from there into the lake where we were swimming.
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